Acquisition and registration of point clouds using multiple sensors for 3D digitization of built heritage

3D digitization and the construction of geometrically reliable 3D models is a very attractive and convenient medium for the survey, the diffusion and the analysis of built heritage. Considering the numerous techniques and instruments that are dedicated to the 3D measurement of surfaces and scenes, most of the time digitization projects include several measurement approaches for the sake of completeness of the final model. Nevertheless, after the measurement campaign, each raw data acquired in the form of point clouds is known in its own reference system related to the sensor used. In order to build a unique model from these individual datasets, one of the first post-processing steps consists in bringing together all raw data in a same coordinate system: this well-known process is called registration. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the precision of the data delivered by some commonly used measurement instruments, in order: 1) to bring knowledge about the quality of the individual datasets into the registration process, and 2) to be able to give information about the global precision of the merged point clouds.

PhD Candidate

Elise Lachat

Date of Defence

17 June 2019

Jury Members

  • Pierre Charbonnier (President of the jury, Examinator)
  • Pierre Grussenmeyer (Thesis director)
  • Laurent Trassoudaine (Reviewer 1)
  • Bruno Vallet (Reviewer 2)
  • Tania Landes (Examinator, Co-Supervisor)

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Funding and Duration

This PhD thesis was financed by a doctoral contract from INSA Strasbourg.


The PhD dissertation manuscript can be downloaded here.